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Creative advertising and branding authority Richard Kirshenbaum, entrepreneur David Mitchell and Rabbi Adam Mintz are excited to announce the launch of Rabbi Mints – Classic Kosher Mints, a breakthrough in the branded kosher mint category. “The Chosen Mint” is not only a mitzvah for your mouth, but will raise the bar for kosher confectionery products while giving back to those in need.

Kirshenbaum, chairman of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners, joined creative forces with David Mitchell of Mitchell Holdings and Rabbi Mintz of Congregation Rayim Ahuvim in New York City when they saw an opportunity to fill a void in this category. Rabbi Mints is one of the first high-end lines of confectionery products that will be created under strict kosher supervision and adhere to the highest standards of taste.

The idea for Rabbi Mints came about when the two friends were seated next to each other at a wedding at which Rabbi Mintz was officiating.  When it was time for the groom to kiss the bride, Kirshenbaum joked, “Just in time for Rabbi Mints Kosher Mints.”  Mitchell said, “That’s a funny joke, but a serious business idea,” and thus Rabbi Mints – Classic Kosher Mints was born.

“We saw there was a unique opportunity to produce a gourmet branded mint for the kosher market,” Kirshenbaum said. “The thinking was that most mints are made from non-kosher gelatin, but we could create a top-of-the-line product that was kosher.  Rabbi Mints will bring great taste and panache to mints, chewing gum, lip balm and a myriad of other everyday items.”

“Kosher foods have become increasingly popular among kosher and non-kosher adhering consumers, and Rabbi Mints – Classic Kosher Mints will bring high-end taste to this category,” said Rabbi Mintz. “And in accordance with the Jewish tradition of Tikun Olam (repairing the world), a portion of the mint proceeds will be donated to charity."

Rabbi Mints is a product for the kosher marketplace, one of the fastest growing industries that is second only to organic foods, and meets the “cool Jew” trend that has become an urban phenomenon. A portion of the proceeds of all mint sales will also go to American Jewish World Service, an agency that supports refugees in Darfur. The product will be launching at Carnegie Deli and Barney Greengrass, in addition to other select boutique retailers in New York City.